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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Use Industrial Use
Type Falling Film Type
Finish Polished
Material Steel
Power Source Electric

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Efficient gas absorption depends on the following:

  • Intimate Contact
  • Efficient Heat Transfer

This is achieved in a Falling Film Absorber which is essentially a shell & tube heat exchanger in which both gas to be absorbed and absorbing liquid flow co-currently downward with the extraction of heat by circulation of coolant in the shell. The absorbing liquid is circulated through a tank till the desired concentration is achieved. The liquid flows at such a rate that the tubes do no flow full of the liquid but instead, descends by gravity along the inner walls of the tubes as a thin film. Obviously, this produces a much greater linear velocity for a given rate flow that could be obtained if the tube flowed full.


The equipment works as a number of water cooled-wall columns in parallel and each tube is provided with distribution system on top to effect uniform distribution of both liquid and gas and also the formation of a thin liquid film on the inner surface of the tube.


Other Area of Applications :

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Sulphur Dioxide Gas Absorption
  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Chlorine Gas Absorption
  • Hydrogen Bromide Gas absorption
  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Chlorine Gas / Sulphur Dioxide Absorption


Salient Features :

  • High absorption efficiency
  • High acid concentration is achievable
  • Low outlet temperature
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Safe Operation due to a low isothermal temperature
  • Handle a wide range of gas loading with minimum liquid flow rates to maintain full tube wetting
  • Variation in Hydrogen Chloride Gas flow rates or Composition causes no operation problem.
  • All the wetted parts of the falling film absorber are corrosion resistant to all the aggressive gases even at elevated temperatures

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Material Steel
Shape Round
Application Industrial
Structure Hard
Features Easy To Fit, Good Quality
Type Adiabatic Type

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Industries conduct a variety of processes as a result of which Hydrogen chloride is formed as a waste gas or a by-product. Every country has its strict guidelines concerning their emission levels for hydrogen chloride that helps maintain the HCL waste gas levels. It can be achieved by conducting the scrubbing process that will take out all the waste gas by absorbing it and producing a hydrochloric acid by-product.


Hydrogen chloride is believed to have a high inclination towards the water. It can be absorbed easily as long as an acceptable method is identified to establish contact between the gas and the water. Hydrogen chloride absorption into the water may emit a significant amount of heat that must be removed from the system. Maximum concentration can be achieved theoretically as it relies on the temperature as well as considering the partial pressure of HCI present in the exhaust gas while entering the plant.


The suitability of the HCL absorption process depends upon a specific application concerning the nature of the feedstock and the requirement of the product. The three fundamental types of the HCL Gas Absorber are Continuously, or Batch wise operated scrubbers, Adiabatic and Isothermal absorbers.


Adiabatic Type

HCL Gas absorber systems are useful in absorbing the Hydrochloric gas which is legally not allowed to let out free into the atmosphere, as it may help in producing the Hydrochloric acid.


Hydrogen Chloride is considered to be highly soluble in water. Still, the absorption process is convoluted by the extreme heat of solution and the partial pressure coming over the warm concentrated solutions. Practically, the fundamental problem you will face while making concentrated solutions is to have an efficient heat removal process. Using this type of absorber will help you absorb the heat and remove it via the evaporation process of water and acid in the system. The condensed vapor is then diluted along with the makeup, and hence most of it is removed through the condenser. Cooling and the concentration of the liquid phase are supported by the water evaporation process to preserve the vapor-liquid equilibrium levels in the lower part of the section.


Working Principle of HCL Gas Absorber

Hydrogen chloride has the best soluble properties and inclination towards the water; it becomes easy for the absorption process to get accomplished effortlessly. The Hydrogen Chloride absorption into the water can emit a tremendous amount of heat, and this heat needs to be disposed of from the system, or else it may cause considerable damage to the system. The maximum concentration can be achieved theoretically as it relies on the temperature as well as considering the partial pressure of HCL present in the exhaust gas while entering the plant.


The suitability of the HCL absorption process depends upon a specific application concerning the nature of the feedstock and the requirement of the product.


Types of HCL Gas Absorbers

The three kinds of HCL Gas Absorbers are as follows

  • HCL Scrubbers operated batch-wise.
  • Adiabatically - Continuously operated.
  • Isothermal absorbers. 



The column mentioned below is built with a series of packed sections, which has a gas introduction point, a Condenser, and a Cooler. In this process, the water is poured from the top, and the acid gets collected at the bottom.


HCL absorption columns vary in sizes and are available in the sizes ranging between 80DN to 300DN diameter, where the gas rate varies between 10 Kgs/hr to 300 Kgs/hr approximately.


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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Capacity It Has a Capacity of 5 Liters to 500 Liters in a Spherical Vessel
Exhaust Gas Temperature The Exhaust Gas Temperature Ranges from -60 to +150°c
Scrubbing Liquid Temperature Ranges From 0 to 80°c
Operating Pressure Ranges -1.0 to +0.5 bar G
Material Glass
Usage Lab

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Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the best-in-class Gas scrubbers that are commonly used as a tool to smoothen the toxic and corrosive exhaust gases, before releasing it. The stripping liquid is preferred concerning the nature of the vapor that needs to be scrubbed. A recirculation pump used as the corrosion-resistant is taken into consideration, which assures a continuous flow of the solvent through the system. The gas and the solvent will get mixed in the column, which is sealed to observe a sharp increase in the surface area needed for the smooth absorption of gas. Dry scrubber system is available in a wide range of scales from lab scale to the pilot scale in the variants of 500L.


Pertinent Features for Gas Scrubbers :

  • It has significant corrosion-resistant properties.
  • It is portable and highly compact in design.
  • The optimal circulation temperature is adequately maintained.
  • It is capable of handling considerable gas flow rates.
  • It is flameproof and has PVDF Pump and ATEX.
  • The spiral product cooler helps in retaining the solvent temperatures.
  • It comes with complete documentation and certificates (IQ /OQ / DQ).
  • It can be easily integrated with the Reaction Systems.
  • Its transparency helps in a better understanding of the running process.
  • The pH scale of the scrubbing liquid can easily be monitored.


Applications :

  • In the neutralization of exhaust gases
  • In the scale-up Studies
  • In the gas-Liquid Reaction
  • Gas Absorption


Design Considerations

Below-mentioned is some of the crucial design considerations for the Gas Scrubber

  • Pollutant Targeted
  • Removal Efficiency
  • Process Conditions

The efficiency of the Gas Scrubber removal process can be achieved via ensuring the suitable time of contact between the scrubbing liquid and the gas. These units include a scrubbing vessel that comes with a system fan, a recycling pump, controls as well as instrumentation, and the exhaust stack. The packed bed Gas Scrubbers consists of a random packing that facilitates the contact between gas and liquid. The exhaust gas will enter the scrubber, where it will come into contact with the scrubbing fluid, and the fluid will capture all the pollutants and will collect it for discharging or treating it for the reusing purposes.


Options Available :

  • It is available with 14C rated API.
  • It is available with high and low-level controls.
  • It is available with flanged connections.
  • It is available with the skid-mounted having a drain pan.
  • It is available with cleanouts and manways.
  • It is available with concrete blocks.
  • It is available with carbide trim.
  • It is available with a sour gas service that is designed and built according to the NACE standards.
  • It is available with all the customization you require that meets all the additional specifications.


Benefits :

  • The accelerated production drawings are readily available within 4-5 business days that will help you in planning things faster and in a better way.
  • It comes with a single well as well as multi-well designs that are available with the full pad well designs.
  • It has a robust skid design and is committed to serve and help in bringing results to the online operations quickly.
  • It is significantly cost-effective and low in maintenance.
  • The commissioning and installation of the system is an easy process to follow that will help in facilitating and speeding the startup.

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