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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Features Rust Proof
Universal Heating Bath Up to 200ºC
Capacity 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 200 Liters
Models GMP / non-GMP
Electricals ATEX / Flame–proof / Weather–proof
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Ablaze is a leading Rotary Evaporator Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer a large capacity commercial rotary vaccum evaporator. The Ablaze Rotary Evaporator system operates under conditions of vacuum or atmosphere.


The most common form in research is the 1 Liter to 5 Liter bench-top model, whereas, in industrial chemical operations, large-scale rotary evaporator (10L to 20 Liter and 50 Liter, 100 Liter to 200 Liter) models are used in pilot plants.


Ablaze’s series of Rotary film Evaporators are designed for Pilot and industrial scale evaporation applications.


Exclusive use of superior quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass and PTFE for all components coming in contact with product ensures complete chemical resistance against almost all mediums. It is primarily used for distillation of heat sensitive and volatile components, owing to its unique construction. It can operate under full vacuum and is an essential equipment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Salient Features of Rotary Evaporator :

  • Universal heating bath up to 200ºC
  • High Quality (Reinforced PTFE) seal ensures perfect vacuum & maintenance free operation
  • Digital display/control of critical process parameters on a control panel
  • Uniform heating and reduced residence time
  • Mounted on caster wheels for easy movement
  • Visibility of the entire process


Rotary Evaporator Manufacturer & Supplier

The rotary evaporator (rotavaps) is an instrument for an active and mild extraction of solvents by evaporation in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, herbal extraction and fragrances, and laboratories.


Rotary vaccum evaporators are also used for the chemical processing of distillates and extracts. The use of borosilicate and PTFE allows aggressive materials to be handled satisfies all application needs. Explore the wide variety of industrial and R&D rotary evaporators. Completely safe instruments and the best optimization of efficiency.


Ablaze manufacture and supply a variety of rotary film evaporator capacities of 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters, 50 liters, 100 liters, 200 liters, GMP Model & Non-GMP Model, including electrical ATEX/Non-flame proof/touch screen display or as needed by the customer.


Rotary Evaporator Working Concept

The most rapid, reliable and environmentally safe method of extracting a volatile solvent from a non-volatile sample is to provide a rotary evaporator. For a modern chemical laboratory, this is normal equipment used to evaporate the solvent under vacuum with the use of rotation and heat. 


The theory of the rotary evaporator is that the boiling points of the liquids decrease their pressure, allowing solvents to be vaporized at much lower temperatures at normal pressure than their boiling points. A vacuum system is required to complete the entire procedure, selecting an appropriate vacuum pump for your rotavap will effectively improve the efficiency of the evaporation.


At the other end, a condenser converts gas into a liquid, and lower temperatures are required. Dry ice, water or liquid nitrogen were always used to achieve a cooling effect. The evaporation vessel rotates continuously. This technique is intended to increase the fluid surface area. The centrifugal force prevents the liquid from sticking to the vessel’s inner surface, creating a larger surface area and causing faster evaporation.


Once all the solvent evaporated (or whatever is desired at this point), the vacuum is released. The rotary flask is removed from the bath and the rotation is stopped. The vacuum is used to lower the boiling temperature thus minimizing the damage to the thermolabile substance.


Rotary Evaporator Applications :

  • Distillation under continuous and batch
  • Organic chemistry to remove a solvent
  • Organic synthesis
  • Solvent recycling
  • Solvent purification
  • Reflux process reactions
  • Component drying
  • Fine chemical synthesis
  • Crystallization


Why Buy Rotary Evaporator from Ablaze?

Related Rotary Evaporator Glassware can be customized to meet the specific needs of the Client.

Get the best rotary film evaporator performance at a reasonable cost.

We also have a professional technology team to help clients with problems related to their system (rotary evaporator).

Our technical experts are always available, by phone, e-mail or live chat, to help customers with specific questions about the operation and maintenance of rotary evaporators.


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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Material Metal
Application Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry
Color Blue
Voltage 220V
Finishing Polished
Automatic Grade Fully Automatic
Features High Working Efficiency

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The TFE series Agitated Thin Film Evaporator has proven its efficiency as a device used for the distillation and the evaporation processes, where a scraper system is used to force the process of liquid film-forming. It can successfully undertake several unit operations together, such as defoaming reactions, deodorization, cooling, heating, and much more. Also, you can use it for the recycling process of the organic solvents found from industrial waste. The Agitated Thin Film Evaporator is commonly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, environmental protection industry, petrochemical industry, and many more.


Instrumental Features

  • The scraper system pushes the liquid from a thin film through the rotation process, and hence it provides the appropriate evaporation efficiency and also reduces its operating time.
  • The high-precision pipe made from glass allows the liquid to create a unified thin film over the hot surface.
  • The Scraper system is built of SUS 316L and PTFE; all the other parts that come in contact with the liquid or gas are usually created from high borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE, as both the elements have an excellent corrosion resistance properties.
  • The principle evaporation compartment is built from high borosilicate glass 3.3, which allows you to observe the process closely and clearly.
  • You can control the temperature and keep it to the absolute level. The Agitated Thin Film Evaporator can reach up to 260°c temperature.
  • We have a Self-cleaning roller Model film-forming system available with us. You can apply it to TFE-150, TFE-200, and TFE-300 models.
  • We can make the most significant size up to DN300, which can help you reach an effective evaporation area of 0.6 meters Sq.
  • A Self-cleaning roller Model, as well as the Scraper Model film-forming systems, are available with us.
  • We also have Stainless steel material used in manufacturing the distillation barrels.


Benefits of Wiped Film Evaporator or Agitated Thin Film Evaporator

  • The Wiped Film Evaporator has a highly specific heat transfer capacity.
  • It has a short residence time.
  • It has a low-pressure drop capacity.
  • It can operate under low vacuum scenarios.
  • It has recorded the evaporation ratios up to greater than 95% without any recirculation.
  • It is highly capable of processing high viscosity products.
  • It is capable of processing the systems that create the deposits.
  • It is super easy to clean.


Applications of Wiped Film Evaporator or Agitated Thin Film Evaporator

  • Wiped Film Evaporator can be installed to carry out the evaporation process without any mass transfer.
  • It helps in moderating the evaporation ratios.
  • You can apply or use the Wiped Film Evaporators for the viscous products.
  • You can use it to feed the streams that contain solid particles.
  • You can use the Wiped Film Evaporator to attain the high evaporation ratios of almost more than 95%.
  • It can be applied to stripping.

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
Material Metal
Application Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Water Treatment Industry
Voltage 380V
Finishing Polished
Automatic Grade Fully Automatic
Features Easy To Use, Ergonomic Design

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An evenly thin film then enters the heating area with the help of a distribution apparatus in the evaporator. It starts flowing in the downward direction at boiling temperature and gets partially evaporated.


The liquid that needs to be evaporated is then uniformly distributed on the inside of the glass tube. The liquid will start to flow down, building a thin film on the inner surface, from where the evaporation process will commence with the help of the heat generated by the steam. The steam will start condensing and will flow down on the outer surface of the glass tube. Some of the tubes are constructed together beside each other.


Both the ends of the tubes are fixed to tube plates, and finally, the tube bundle is enclosed by a shell made either of steel or Glass depending upon the steam pressure. The steam is then introduced via shell. The heating section is then formed in the space between the tubes. The inner wall of the glass tubes is known as the boiling section. The vapor and the concentrated liquid collected at the bottom of the evaporator enter the consecutive separator in a tangent position where the concentrated liquid is released via a pump at the bottom. The vapor then leaves the system from the top.


Advantages of Falling Film Evaporators

Falling film evaporators can also work, keeping a very slight temperature difference between the boiling liquid and the heating media. They also possess a short time for product contact that lasts only a few seconds per pass. Such characteristics help the falling film evaporator become suitable, especially for all the heat-sensitive products, and nowadays, it is acclaimed as the most commonly used evaporator type.


Nonetheless, the design of falling film evaporators is done carefully that is suitable for various operating conditions, respectively. If sufficient water is not sprinkled on the heating surface, it will result in having incrustations and plenty of dry patches; and in the worst-case scenario, the heating tubes will get entirely clogged.


Falling film evaporators are greatly responsive to all sorts of adjustments of the parameters, including the energy supply, feeding rate, vacuum, concentrations, etc. When you design an automatic control system with the evaporator, they are capable of producing a consistently concentrated product.



An ideal design of the liquid distribution system can be crucial to achieving to the fullest, and it can be hard for the product to wet the tubes.

Because of its low liquid holding capacity, the falling film evaporator starts its working quickly and easily changes its working mode.


Operating Principle

In falling film evaporators, the vapor and the liquid flow in the downward direction in a parallel manner. To get the highly concentrated liquid as the product, it must be preheated to the boiling temperature.


The evaporated liquid is then uniformly distributed in the glass tube on its inner surface. The liquid tends to flow in the downward direction forming a delicate film, where the process of evaporation takes place due to the heat generated by the hot oil. This hot oil is then brought in through the shell.


Size and Available Models

Falling Film Evaporator are available in the Heat Transfer Area of 2 Sq. Mt to 20 Sq. Mt. and from 4″ to 12″ in diameter and larger sizes available on request.


Final Thoughts

We are Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd., the leading Falling Film evaporator manufacturer in Vadodara, Gujarat. Falling film evaporators are manufactured based on the shell and tube heat exchangers that help in the evaporation process of any temperature-sensitive item. Those items tend to form a useless residue by polymerization or condensation.


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